Free Trial System

Thank you for your interest in ordering a free trial of one of our charting solutions.   Please click Proceed to start the process.   Once completed, we will email you all the needed details.

When you click to the next screen, you will be required to enter your email address.   This will be recorded by PrimeCharts, and used for providing your software installation details.   You may be required to enter your postal and some alternate communication details.

At the final stage, you will have a number of choices.   You may test either our MetaStock or our Omega format downloads - If you select either of these options you need to already have MetaStock or Omega compatible charting software.   Alternatively, you can trial our no-cost Market Explorer charting software or our professional range of Technical Analysis software - Market Master.  

Also at the final stage, you may choose the option to sign up for a daily data download (Premium option).   You may pay for this via a monthly credit card debit (you will only be debited after your 14-day trial if you do not cancel).   You can still install and test that our software and/or historic data is suitable for your needs without this option (Standard option), but it will not be updated each day with the latest share data.   You can, if desired, subscribe to this option at any future stage.