The Market Master X-ec
(Our Flagship technical analysis software that may be expanded with many additional modules to create the technical analysis solution that is just right for you.)

Market Master Fully Customise your Program to look and work the way you do.   Configure any of the button bars to have just the options you need. Not only can you customise your button bars as shown here, but you can position them anywhere on your screen.   When you change some settings (eg you choose to view shares by percentage move in the quick list) this is automatically remembered the next time you open Market Master X-ec.  

The graphs that you have displayed when you close your program are automatically shown when you next open Market Master X-ec.   On opening Market Master X-ec, if you were in a sector/series, you can automatically move on to view the next share therein.  

Every aspect of Market Master can be customised to suit your needs.   The extensive program defaults along with the multi-tabbed Themes Manager (shown here) ensures that every aspect of Market Master looks and performs like you need it to do.   It comes with many pre-defined colour themes and you can modify these or add your own.   In addition to pre-setting the defaults of every item, you can modify any item with a quick right-click command and either manually adjust it or select a another predefines style.   You can, with” one click” change your program from a “presentation” theme to use at the office, to “home” theme to use for your personal analysis.  

Irrespective of what options you purchase, we know that even the best software has to be fixed or enhanced from time to time.   To ensure you always have the latest, best running software, each item of software can be automatically refreshed via the Internet.   This ‘Program Refresh’ service is built into the download subscription.
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